Welcome to Zoolandia, a bountiful world teeming with animal Frenz.

At the heart of this faraway land sits the crown jewel of all Zoolandia - Primatopolis. Of all the Frenz, the apes of this sprawling city stand alone in their ability to create enduring bonds and connections with those they meet.

In Primatopolis you will find apes of every type and shape but all of them without fail find time each day to meditate. Through meditation and mindfulness Primatopolitans can ponder the interconnectedness of all living things. This heightened state of consciousness enables them to effortlessly befriend those around them. This is what gives these Ape Frenz the unique ability to generate $FRENSHIP daily.

It's even been rumored that with enough $FRENSHIP some Primatopolitans have been able to ascend to higher planes of existence...

At the moment, it seems only the apes are privy to this mystical knowledge, but given their generous nature surely the other inhabitants of Zoolandia can't be far behind…


The first Zoofrenz are the Apefrenz.
The Apefrenz are a collection of 6,666 NFTs with over 400 possible traits built on the blockchain. Apefrenz generate $FRENSHIP that can be used to obtain high-fidelity 3D Zoofrenz playable characters and more!

The Zoofrenz are ALL IN on the Metaverse! With our decades of experience in the games industry, we’re going above and beyond to create something TOTALLY NEW. Instead of a normal 3D model we are skipping several steps ahead into a fully rigged high-fidelity 3D Playable Character!

What this means is that instead of just receiving a pretty looking statue, Zoofrenz holders will be using $FRENSHIP to obtain a intercompatible player character model optimized for exploring the metaverse! Our Apefrenz have spent years perfecting the art of being one with the universe, now it’s your turn to become one with your Apefrenz.

the roadmap

The 6,666 Apefrenz are launched to find new owners. Apefrenz generate $FRENSHIP without staking. The Zoofrenz community is born.

Owners can exchange $FRENSHIP to ascend their Apefrenz into 3D Playable Character models that can be used in supported Metaverses.

Additional gamified token utility is launched in parallel with 3D models. Content creation for the Metaverse starts picking up with events and activities following close behind.

The newly populated Zoofrenz family and community will work together to build out the future of Zoolandia. 2-3 new animal frenz will be voted on and released by 2023. Metaverse events will be fully underway at this point featuring regular collaborations and partnerships with other promising projects.


How Many Zoofrenz will be available?

There will be 6,666 Apefrenz available to mint.

When does minting begin?

Public sale will begin on 2/9.

How much does it cost to mint?

Each Apefrenz will be available for 0.15ETH.

Is there a limit on how many Zoofrenz can be minted per transaction?

Only 1 Apefrenz can be minted per transaction.

Is there a white list?

Yes there is! Particularly kind and committed members of the Zoofrenz community on Twitter and Discord will be receiving whitelist leading up to the sale.

Will there be a pre-sale?

Yes, whitelist pre-sale will begin on 2/7.

The Dev Team
🐵 Zookeeper

Alex Chu is the founder of Zombot Creative, a Taipei-based firm that’s made skins for Destiny, Spell Break, League of Legends: Wild Rift, among others. In early 2021, Alex fell in love with NFTs during an accidental encounter while day-trading meme stocks. He’s been slowly transforming into an ape ever since.

🐵 Zookeeper

Obula is a game industry veteran with over 13 years of dev experience. He’s helped studios build different games ranging from 4x strategy games to fighting games.  He was previously the Studio lead at AltPlus and CTO at Zombot. In a past life, Obula was an amateur Street Fighter 4 competitor.

🐵 Zookeeper

May Han currently works as the Design Producer at Zombot Creative. She’s worked on games such as Everedale and League of Legends: Wild Rift. Her dream is to have a Ragdoll cat named NiaNia.

🐵 Zookeeper

Mark Chu is a Product Manager with a great love of video games and immersive storytelling. In his spare time, he designs ARGs and puzzles for escape rooms.

Jakezam is a seasoned NFT degen who has crawled all across the blockchain connecting talented people and making the whole greater than the sum of parts. tl;dr marketing wizard, spicy hooman, identifies as a monkey.

Avee works on partnerships for the Zoofrenz Marketing Team. By day, she’s a writer, digital doodler and art studio manager. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening (both IRL and in video games).

Leesah is your lead community manager. Baddie lead software engineer by trade, transitioning into blockchain dev full-time. She is a singer/songwriter. If it's your birthday, ping her in the Discord - she'll drop you a tune.


Who's Chris? Only Chris knows who he is and will reveal his true identity very soon.

Zombie Club is an exclusive decentralized utility metaclub supported by a community of zombies that utilizes data to make informed decisions about when, where and what to invest in.

Justin Hulog is an advisor on the Zoofrenz team and an aspiring degen. By day, he works on games at Immutable. In his past life, he managed SEA and Taiwan for Riot Games.